Interior demolition is a business to recover original state after completely dismantling and collect interior tenant of shop etc. in the commercial buildings and commercial facilities.

  • NANSEI CO., LTD. has specialized in interior renovation service for business office and builidngs in 25 years and had over 10-year achievements. With our considerable experiences, we promise you a perfect interior renovation without any troubles or problems.

  • NANSEI CO., LTD. have been developing strongly as an expert in interior demolition construction. There is no need to be worried as we implement temporary waste processing at our own factory and follow our management until very final procedure. We definitely do not outsource this business to the third party.

  • NANSEI CO., LTD. is scrap exporter in Japan. We are always trying to improve our technique level on operation productivity and effect such as maintenance of new model utility in interior renovation.

Refer to case of construction

In general demolition services, it is firstly important to carry out business "safely" and "securely", but we are doing business with the aim of the next step from there. This means we are aiming for "Interior demolition work that leads to business success." Therefore, we put efforts into internal systematization, education of staffs, and establishment of a reliable quality management system. We are trying out best to maintain and improve the quality so as to provide customers with confidence and trust.

  • Confirm the scope of work, procedures and safety situation at the workfield before starting to work and confirm proper placement of qualified staffs.

  • Curing no gap in accordance with the situation of the place so as not to scratch or dust on products, the floor and elevator.

  • We will take the measures and procedures required in accordance with laws and regulations for noise and vibration.

  • We take consideration regarding time zone, period of processing so as not to disturb neighbor store and customers who visit store.

  • Other stores are open naturally during interior demolition work. Water, gas and water are as usual. We always pay up-to-date attention to the construction.

  • Our work is not only finishing demolition work but also is thorough cleaning after dismantling and aim for the perfection.

  • We ensure the disconnection of electricity, water supply and drainage, air conditioning, sprinkler and worker management, and preserve the existing part.

  • I make use of a lot of past experience that specializes in interior skeleton construction, and reduce 20-25% of construction costs by excellent process and quality control. This is also an effect of integrated system.

  • We have promoted "Zero emission" by thoroughly sorting industrial waste in the demolition site and decreasing as much as possible to zero the burden to global environment. We commit to recycle waste.

Specialize in commercial facilities and building.

  • Effort 1.

    The strict response to regulatory compliance related to Waste Disposal and Cleaning.

  • Effort 2.

    Prior notification of construction recycling method applied to the object being.

  • Effort 3.

    Sign the industrial waste processing contract in accordance with standard treatment contractors.

  • Effort 4.

    Manifest issue for waste disposal confirmation.

  • Effort 5.

    Confirmation of proper waste disposal.

Processing flow

In case we get to work with our client via an original contractor and entrust the industrial waste to a final processing enterprise, we will hold the cooperation with that company very firmly and take full responsibility towards the proper processing implementation.